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Victory lyrics


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        the velveteen and oaken soothed the lonely child
    the parents watched the escort take him while they stood outside
    the priest was kind and gentle as he positioned his head
    the pain was like brimstone, but the kid hardly bled
    instinct over intellect
    it erupts from deep inside
    history is laughing at us
    plotting its discovery
    victory, victory
    blame it on the victory
    among the parade crowd there stands a decorated man
    remembering how he helped to save this sacred land
    his helpless enemy was wounded, both hands raised with hope
    he killed him without second thought, with brute force and a rope
    so many times, so many lives
    test the other side
    waiting to see what the maker has in mind
    the unsuspecting commoners hum diligent each day
    they wallow in their father's sins, as time passes away
    the crimes are without motive but they ignore all restraint
    the evil sits inside them torpid timing its escape
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